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Where do we start?

Once you have looked through our website and you like what you see the next step would be to pop onto the contact page and get in touch. Once this has reached us we will contact you and arrange to meet up over a coffee and cake!


How much will it cost me?

Our wedding packages are shown here on our website and all the price information is there to see too. Bespoke packages can be talked through if this is something you require.

Our family and newborn shoots are under their own heading with all the information and prices.


Will I own the images?

Fizzy Robot gives you the copyright to use and reproduce all the images that you receive, we only ask that we use a select few for promotional purposes.                                                                      Of course we would love to be credited if you do use any on social media!


Can I re-edit the images I receive?

Here at Fizzy Robot we work very hard and put in many hours to produce the very best images for you and we are proud of our creative talent. All our images are edited to a high standard and we would love them to remain the way they are…


How many images will we receive?

You will have more than you could wish for!!  We never put a limit on how many we take and after we have worked our magic for weddings you will receive between 300 – 500 and for family and new born shoots this will vary but a min of 20 high resolution edited images will be provided.


How long will we have you?

We don’t have a set start or finish time as every wedding is different. We will work with your plans and arrangements for the day. (An average day would be around 10-12 hours)

Family and newborn shoots average around 1-3 hours (depending on your requirements)


What gear do you carry?

We use Professional Canon bodies with Canon flash units and we have a variety of Canon L Series Lenses.


How do I get my images?

Once your Wedding collection is completed you will receive High Resolution JPEGs on a USB.

(We do not release raw files)

For other shoots we will send you your collection electronically via an email called We Transfer, these will be print ready and also ready to share with friends and family 


Do you charge for travel?

We do have a small charge if your wedding is over 25 miles from Fizzy Robot’s base. If your wedding is a very long distance we may also have to arrange an overnight stay so we can be with you first thing and bright as a button and an additional charge will be added. This can be discussed at the meeting.


Can you cover a wedding out of the UK?

We’d LOVE to!!! Yes is the answer to that, this is something we would be more than happy to do and can discuss in more detail at the meeting.


How do we book you?

You can go through the contact pages or email us directly or you can give us a call. We'd love to meet with you to discuss all your exciting plans!

We ask for a £200 deposit to secure your wedding date and the remaining amount will be due one month before your wedding date.

For a family or newborn shoot we ask for a £50 deposit and the remaining balance paid by the day prior to the shoot.


Will you need anything from us on the wedding day?

We are pretty self-sufficient but we would love to be fed on the day - we will work around 10+ hours so a food fund or meal would be much appreciated.

Apart from that we only require you to have the most amazing fun and enjoy your special day.


Do you do group shots?

Yes of course!! These are an important part of your day but we promise that they won’t take up much of your time. We recommend that you think about who you would like in your group shots and ideally we try to keep these to a sensible amount (these can be discussed further at the meeting)


What happens if you’re ill on our wedding day?

It would have to be a very serious illness that would prevent us from being there to cover your wedding day. If this was to happen then we would supply another photographer that we know and have good relations with. 


Do I need to speak with the Vicar, Priest or Celebrants about you attending?

They all have different views and it’s always a good idea when booking them to let them know you’ll be having a photographer. Some churches won’t allow flash photography so it’s always good to know this in advance. We will always introduce ourselves on arrival and ensure that we work in a way that will be discreet and mindful to all.


What are your thoughts on an ‘Unplugged’ Wedding?

This is quite a big thing now and many couples do decide to have an unplugged wedding. We always encourage guests to capture the day but as time has gone on we have noticed more & more people with phones and ipads and this can sometimes get in the way of us doing our job.

We think that at the ceremony you would rather see your guests beautiful faces rather than a sea of iphones and cameras! Just a thought...


Group shots can be long and boring for the guests. Do we need them?

A group shot is something that will be looked back on in years to come. Although these are seen as painful and sometimes time consuming to us they are seen as creating a dose of nostalgic moments.

We have ways to make these fun, enjoyable and creative!

We will make sure that we have someone close by to provide you with a refill and some of the scrummy canapes that will be doing the rounds!


What if I have to cancel?

If for any reason you have to cancel your photoshoot or your baby is unwell or a family member is poorly we can re arrange another date within one month of the booking. 

If the weather is not on our side we will also re arrange at no extra cost.


Wedding cancelations, please refer to our contract :) 




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