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This is us..... Jenni & Nicci.

Yes, slightly bonkers

Yes, a little bit crazy but both with a whopping great love for what we do.

Fizzy Robot has come to life because of two people that can only be described as "firecrackers with a camera!"


When you are on that mission to find the photographer that fits with you and your style it can become quite daunting… Yes,  it has to be that you just love their imagery and style but you have to also get on with that person behind the little black box too!

If there is any advice that we can pass on it would be to meet them, drink tea with them, eat cake with them and just chat… Chat about everything and anything that you love and are passionate about… Then you will know if you have found your match



Meet Nicci…


I'm the girl next door; someone you'd lean over the fence and have a good natter with! 

I love big mugs of tea and a good catch up with friends, snuggling on the sofa watching a good film or getting stuck into a good Netflix box set and of course living by the sea.

I can normally be found on the beach with my husband and two boys making them do crazy stuff for me to photograph. The crazier the better! 

I have discovered paddle boarding which is my great escape from everything, once I squeeze into my wetsuit I'm good to go and I have just got a sewing machine (god that makes me sound old!) but I love being creative.


I have two dogs that I love to get out and about with exploring the downs or the woods and my goal is to get them on the paddle board with me!


When I have a camera in my hand I'm at my happiest...

I see photography in every element of my life and have always got my camera to hand. I never want to miss any opportunity to capture a moment in time.

I love to create memories that will be looked back on time and time again.

Capturing those special emotive moments like the beaming smile on the grooms face, the look of awe and wonder in a child exploring their natural environment and the excitement of the bride meeting her soon to be husband for the first time.

I look at life simply, and I like to work that way too.

My passion for photography excites me and I love that I can share this with so many people along the way!


I have been lucky enough to work with some amazing people from dress designers, hair & make up artists and other wedding and fashion related business along with brides & grooms, and their beautiful families and friends.

I have been published in magazines and on blogs here and in America which has been a massive highlight to see my work out there for others to enjoy..




Meet Jenni...


I’m the girl behind the camera…


I’m beyond happy when I have a camera in my hand.

I love to make people feel relaxed and comfortable and that makes for the best connection with me and the camera.  I love to capture true emotion and the most natural expressions.

Looking back at images, remembering why you had that massive grin whilst looking at your tiny new born. That is priceless! Capturing a groom’s face when he gets that first glimpse of his bride and smiles, or if you’re anything like me, cries!


This is real life and my aim is to create a story for you; a story to look back on in years to come and feel the emotions at that time as if it was yesterday.


I’m a bubbly, passionate, excitable and some say slightly bonkers person but life can be too serious sometimes so I’ll take that!


My partner is the real reason I am doing all of this, he brought me my first camera (massive brownie points!) He is incredibly amazing and couldn’t be anymore hands on with our two yummy daughters, Olivia and Robyn. 

Family time is so special and we’re lucky enough to live right by the sea where we spend most of the summer exploring, and eating far too many ice creams!

Together we make Fizzy Robot, we have a massive love for our work and each other and together we push each others boundaries all the time. 

With two excitable, creative and energetic minds that when together we really are bat shit crazy!







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